Teacher Profile

Instrutor Beleza

Instrutor Beleza (Marcio Lopes) is the lead instructor of Abadá Cape Town. He was born and raised in Angola and first came into contact with Capoeira after finishing school and moving to the capital city of Luanda. In Luanda he would go and watch his cousin (Kabangula) participating in capoeira classes and street rodas, lead by Mestrando Cascão from Abadá school, next to the Sagrada Familia church. Though initially not participating in the classes, he would practise the moves he had seen at home with his cousin. After a few months he realized that Capoeira was something he wanted to participate in more fully and he started taking the classes himself.

“Once I enrolled in the Academy I was a dedicated student and trained with determination. I paid attention to everything that went on in the class and later after class my cousin and I tried to repeat what we had seen.” – Marcio Lopes, Instructor ABADÁ Capoeira.

After about a year, Beleza left Luanda in order to study in South Africa. When he arrived in Cape Town, in September 1997, he found that Capoeira had not yet arrived in Cape Town. For the next two years he focused on body-building and let Capoeira lie. However, he never forgot his passion for Capoeira and he and a friend Bufalo Preto, also from Angola, started teaching youth in a park, just for the fun of it. The interest displayed by the youth made them realize that there was the space to start teaching Capoeira in Cape Town. Beleza and Bufalo Preto then met some Swedish Capoeiristas (Billy Boy and Colorido) who were in Cape Town giving Abadá Capoeira workshops. Through this connection Beleza started teaching officially under the Abadá Capoeira.

“It was very hard at the beginning, I had only one pandeiro and one old berimbau that I brought from Angola. In my first lesson there were only two students Connon and Manuel (Ali) but these were soon joined by Manga, Gazela and Latino.” – Marcio Lopes, Instructor ABADÁ Capoeira.

For the past few years Beleza has trained in Brazil for a few month annually with Mestre Camisa. He has participated in five international Capoeira festivals